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Manzanita  Natural  Antidote 
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Poison Oak Rescue/Herbal
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Poison Oak Rescue 
Made from nature's own green pharmacy, the ingredients in this soothing cream dry up the devastating rash from poison oak and rapidly reduces the swelling and burning of surrounding tissue.  Sold on the West Coast for nearly a decade, new and returning customers have told about additional uses other than just poison oak.  Reportedly, users have used this product for cold sores, chronic eczema, insect bits, and relief from hives and other allergies.

"I have suffered from poison oak for many years and have tried everything on the market including cortisone shots. Mountain Mud Poison Oak Rescue cleared the rash and brought down the swelling almost overnight. I have never seen anything this awesome!" - Paul Ezzel

"My mom was given a sample of Mountain Mud Poison Oak Rescue by a friend when he saw how bad my rash was. It cleared it up almost in a day and it stopped the itch right after putting it on." - Tommy Peterson

Friday Night, I went to a company party where I sampled many unusual food items at the buffet. Within hours of the party I started to develop an allergic rash to something I ate, and by Sunday Evening my chest, neck and chin were covered with weeping red fever blisters. This morning I planned to take the day off and go to the doctor until my eye caught a jar of Mountain Mud. I remembered how well it had worked last summer on the poison oak, and I thought I'd give it a try. ! Within 10 minutes the rash had calmed down and the pain had lessened. My energy started to return. and I could think clearly again. I had tried several products over the weekend and I have to say that the Mountain Mud was amazing. I recommend that you not wear light clothing when wearing it. After putting on a light brown turtle neck I was able to work today. What a great product you have.  Ann Mouldon

       I just wanted to share one more thing. I had to go out today for an appointment in Auburn. So, I put Lots of MM on my chest and neck, but I didn't want it on my face. Now I am comparing the difference. The face is still red and burning and has gotten worse, and the chest has gotten about 40% better and all the heat and inflammation has gone away after only 7 hours
Ann Mouldon, Nevada City, CA

I diluted the cream and put this on before work and the blisters began to open. Since I couldn't run around with towels on my arms, I washed it off and let it dry out until it began to itch again. I reapplied it several times a day and wore it all night with an old, clean t shirt to protect my sheets.The rash was gone in four days, which is amazing because it was so bad. CLAYTON MADSON

 Some patients get the swelling and rash so bad that one product alone is not enough.In order to prevent cortisone shots, we often use a thin film of Technu with the Poison Oak Rescue for a faster healing. ... Norma, nurse in Oregon....

 The cooling ingredients took the itch out of my spiderbite.  ...Stu......

  I had to wear the "mud" on my face and neck to work, but it's the color of the herbs it's made from, so I mixed a small amount with a couple drops of sesame oil and it still worked great, without the green look!  ...Nevada City Native....

 I had a cold sore on my lip that burned and wept, and just wouldn't go away.  I had some Poison Oak Rescue in my bathroom drawer and remembered how cool it felt when I had used it on my rash.  I applies it to my cold sore every few hours and it was gone in two days....Billie Pepple....

Main Ingredients;

Infusion of manzanita;  The manzanita bush grows within 50 to 100 feet of the poison oak plant, and was used by pioneers and Native Americans as the natural antidote for Urishiol Oil, the oil of the poison oak plant.

Bentonite Clay;  Literally pulls toxic substances off the surface of the skin, OR neutralizes them.

Burdock;  An herb that has traditionally been used for blood cleansing, helps relieve
swelling of tissues when used on skin.

Colloidal Oats;  It's longtime usage to relieve itching and help soften skin is universal.

Essential Oil of Lavender;  Used in the Middle Ages to numb pain during surgery and childbirth.  It is anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.

Licorice Root;  Is very drying to the rash.  Helps blisters to open and weep to speed healing.

 While these are the main ingredients, there are others that help in various ways, mostly to keep itching and infection at bay. 

ALWAYS TEST FOR ALLERGIES BY DABBING POISON OAK RESCUE CREAM ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR ELBOW BEFORE APPLYING IT TO RAW BLISTERS!  Cream may tingle when first applied, but BURNING or WELTS means that you are allergic to one of the ingredients

FDA REQUIRED DISCLAIMER;  This product does not claim to prevent, diagnose or cure, any disease.

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